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“A good garden may have some weeds.”

  • Name || Kennebec Pratai
  • Called || Ken
  • Age || 46
  • DoB || April 4th
  • Gender || Male
  • Pronouns || He/Him
  • Sexuality || Fluid
  • Race || Mule Deer
  • Origin || Midwest
  • Occupation || Florist


⇀ Description

Ken has a hard time focusing on more than one thing at a time. Multitasking is beyond him, though he can intensely dedicate himself to one task. He’s obsessive, sometimes losing sleep over whatever project has his interest in the moment. Time slips away from him often, and he’s notorious for showing up late or missing events entirely. He’ll apologize over and over until the world ends, but his guilt isn’t enough of a motivator for him to actually change.

He’s friendly, though he isn’t sure how to behave. People are a mystery to him, and he often says inappropriate things in order to fill the silence. Nervous laughter might as well be his trademark. He means well, but he’s awkward and unsure of normal social etiquette.

⇀ Preferences


  • Gardening, especially flowers
  • Tea, though coffee with do in a pinch
  • Candies. Also every other sweet
  • Hard work. It’s his version of meditation


  • A long to-do list
  • Late nights. He’s in bed before 9pm most nights
  • Personal chats. He’s not really a heart-to-heart kinda guy
  • Lazy days. They make him feel useless


⇀ Description

  • Height || 5’10”
  • Build || Muscular/labored
  • Eyes || Brown
  • Fur tone || Brown
  • Hair color || Brown
  • Hair style || Fuzzy
  • Demeanor || Friendly, awkward
  • Style || Dirty, disheveled
  • Important Notes ||
    • Always looking for new friends!
    • Needs instructions written down.
    • Easily embarrassed.
    • Prefers loose, comfortable clothes.
    • Frequently restless.