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Hi! I’m Izzy. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, and it’s really the only thing I’m good at.

Most of my stuff is dark fantasy, though not all of it. I post progress for most things on Twitter. Tumblr has unedited shorts, as well as shorts I didn’t want to put here.

I have too many opinions for my own good, so I also write blog posts about things including: software reviews, the writing community as a whole, and writing things that grab my attention.

I’m also the Community Manager for Welcome to Monday, an independent game developer owned by my husband.

You can contact me through any of these. If you send me an add or a message, let me know where you came from!

Twitter: HRMKingIzzy
Tumblr: hrmkingizzy
Instagram: hrmkingizzy
 Izzy King
Storygraph: hrmizzyking