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Heroes Journey

The path to becoming a hero is different for everyone. 

Leigh and Lance have both turned eighteen in the village of Starfell, where it’s tradition for new adults to set out to become heroes. The village celebrates as a portal waits for the young men—and their friends—to transport them somewhere in the world. A world of magic and mystery awaits them, as they’ve never left their village and have only heard stories of the outside world. 

The time limit is a year, and whether they return victorious or not is entirely up to them. They must learn to rely on their friends around them, as the world is not so kind. 

The soon-to-be heroes are dropped into a forest with an encroaching shadow that they must defeat to carry on with their journey. The shadow has other plans, however. It separates Leigh and Lance—one choosing to follow the shadows and one to fight them. 

Are they strong enough to become heroes on their own, or will the world outside prove to be too much for them?

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