In Progress

In Progress

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These are the progress I’m currently working on.

Serenity; dark fantasy; novel trilogy

Dragons aren’t the answer to all the world’s problems, but they certainly help. 

Rueben has just been promoted to Captain of the Royal Guard. Young and eager to prove himself, he sets out to wake a long-slumbering dragon and bring an end to the demon killing spree. Avery the High Paladin struggles to balance the demon attacks and the kingdom tearing away from the Church. With the help of the rest of the Council, he puts pressure on the king to maintain the connection between the kingdom and The Way. 

Their different approaches will bring them closer to the demons than either of them ever wanted—Rueben with the demons, and Avery with the man who’s summoning them.

Together, they have to face down the demons or risk losing everything they’ve worked for. 

Currently, I’m reading 2 comps for my query letter.

Serenity: Water – Reading Comps

Book 1 of 2

To the Sky; fantasy with romance; novel

Freedom comes with a price, even among the skies. 

Tessa is the only child of the Winderian royal family. She’s grown up sheltered in a world where magic is taboo. On the other hand, James is the sky pirate captain of Coincidence. He has the freedom of a mostly law-abiding civilian. 

It is one thing that Tessa’s betrothed is an evil sorcerer that wants to take over Winderia by any means necessary, but what she does with that knowledge is much more complicated. Running away gets her nowhere; not with James set out to bring her back to her parents.

Perhaps together they can find a way to save the kingdom—and her freedom.

I’ve sent this one to Beta Readers.

To the Sky – Beta Readers

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Sandalwood; urban fantasy; novel

When the King of Hell comes to call, you answer.

Dakota Halloway is a witch in Silver Valley, Nevada. They own a successful metaphysical shop downtown, and they live with their demon companion named Lou. The city is teeming with all sorts of supernaturals—both known and unknown. 

Something is killing witches around town. Dakota is positive it’s a demon doing the killing, and has taken it upon themself to investigate the murders without the help of the police. Then the King of Hell arrives and makes Dakota his new pet. He insists on being in every facet of Dakota’s life, including the murder investigations. 

Can Dakota strike a new balance in their life while avoiding becoming the next victim?

I’ll be editing this one in April. Draft 2.

Sandalwood – Draft 2

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Heroes Journey; dark fantasy; serial

The path to becoming a hero is different for everyone. 

Leigh and Lance have both turned eighteen in the village of Starfell, where it’s tradition for new adults to set out to become heroes. The village celebrates as a portal waits for the young men—and their friends—to transport them somewhere in the world. A world of magic and mystery awaits them, as they’ve never left their village and have only heard stories of the outside world. 

The time limit is a year, and whether they return victorious or not is entirely up to them. They must learn to rely on their friends around them, as the world is not so kind. 

Are they strong enough to become heroes on their own, or will the world outside prove to be too much for them?

Heroes Journey – Act 2 Draft 1

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These are the projects I’ll work on sometime in the future.

Against the Elements; dark fantasy; novel series

A vampire pirate captain is looking for his cure.

Bane; dark fantasy; novel series

A sorcerer is cursed to be a dragon.

Castle in the Sky; dark fantasy; novel

A woman falls in love with a prince and would do anything to make him notice her.

Her Demons: The Witch’s Curse; paranormal romance; novel

A witch is kidnapped by a demon to remove a curse on a friend of his.

And many more to come!