Projects: Her Demons Introduction

Projects: Her Demons Introduction

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Title: Her Demons: The Witch’s Curse
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content Warnings: sexual content, language
Target Audience: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy loving adults


One sentence: A witch is kidnapped by a demon to remove a curse on a friend of his.

Curses shouldn’t lead to love, but demons are the exception to everything. 

Luna is an unremarkable witch from Aurora, Arizona. During the day, she’s a real estate agent. On the weekends, she meets with her coven. Since her sister moved out of their apartment, Luna has learned to get by on her own. 

That is, until Vex finds her. He whisks her away to his remote home on the edge of Aurora and demands she remove the curse on his friend. Vex is a demon, and powerful enough to keep Luna indefinitely. She must decide which she values more: her dignity or her freedom. And the longer she stays, the more alluring Vex becomes. 

Will Luna fall for her captor, or will she find another way out of this mess? 


Luna Barclay. Early 30s, she/her, Witch, the MC. Doesn’t think very highly of herself, but admires those around her.
Vex/Braxix. Ageless, he/him, Incubus, Love Interest. Knows what he wants, and what it takes to get it.
Marreg. Ageless, she/her, Succubus, Luna’s competition/Vex’s friend. She is out for herself, everyone else be damned—literally.
Cassia. Early-30s, she/her, Witch, Luna’s best friend. She has Luna’s best interest at heart, and is always there when she’s needed.
Dash. Ageless, he/him, Vex’s boss, Antagonist. Dash loves power, and he’ll do whatever he can to maintain it.

Lesser Characters

  • Louise
  • Reagan
  • Mave
  • Aspen
  • Jasmine
  • Melanie
  • Zenith


Aurora, AZ. Luna’s hometown in the middle of the desert.
Luna’s apartment. Where Luna lives.
Vex’s house. On the outskirts of Aurora.
The Aurora Gardens. Gardens in downtown Aurora. Good for picnics and dates.